Advanced Photonics was founded in 1989 by Dr. BM Prasad. Since inception, we have maintained our focus in the field of photonics and lasers. At Advanced Photonics we work very hard to bring products and services related to this field. We are a team of very well qualified and highly motivated technical people.
Apart from selling standard equipment we undertake projects that involve complete solution and systems integration.

Please be assured that if you can think of problem which will involve photonics solution in most likelihood we will be the one who will be able to supply you the products.

Please give us a call for any of your research problems which can be solved using tools from photonics, we shall be happy to assist with products and solutions.



Successfully installed FEMTOSECOND HYBRID LASER system (10Hz and kHz).


Successfully installed the first fully automated 14-axis fiber alignment system.


Successfully installed the first femtosecond fiber laser amplifier system.


Successfully installed the first and only 150TW femtosecond laser system.


Successfully installed the first and only 100TW femtosecond laser system.

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